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UFO caught on camera over Aveley, Essex, United Kingdom

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I posted an extraordinary video to YouTube a few weeks ago, entitled UFO caught on camera, tagged in Aveley, Essex, United Kingdom.

It started on 5th February 2012, when I got up that evening to shut my curtains.
As I looked out of the window, I saw this disk shaped object in the night sky, and was completely stunned by what I was seeing.
I beckoned my partner to get up and look with me, because I couldnt make out head nor tail what it was.
She looked at it and freaked out, we where both watching it for a little while, and she said something about recording it on my phone.
I grabbed my phone and began recording it.  As you will see in the YouTube video at

UFO caught on camera

I apologise at this point, because Im afraid I dont own a HD camcorder or anything better than a regular smartphone.  Therefore with this in mind, the footage is abit unclear.
However it is good enough to make out the shape, and the sequence of lights appearing on it, including the background of the houses it was hovering over.
The video lasts for 1 minute 24 seconds, at which point the phone's memory had become full and consequently turned off and saved.
Any remaining footage would have shown it hover out of sight, travelling south towards the river Thames, or the area of Kent and Dartford, at which it slowly disappeared.
Both me and my partner, still to this day have no logical reason to what it was.

Some people have commented that it is a airship or blimp, and for some weird reason (like they where there!) state that it definitely is a blimp! 
To which I would say "Dont make me laugh".......I know what a blimp looks like and this was'nt a blimp, neither am I stating that its from another planet!
I didnt report it to anyone or make a song and dance, lets face it, reporting a UFO to authorities could well get you locked up for being mad!!!
With hindsight if I had reported it, maybe we would be nearer to finding out exactly,what it was, or maybe the government would have locked me up, shut me away, got me to sign a disclaimer that I had'nt seen anything, been paid off to keep my mouth shut, or made to sign a secrecy document. After all why would the government want us knowing, or anyone else for that matter if they where testing a prototype vehicle for our military? Or if it was from another planet with capabilities beyond ours, the government would'nt want us to know about it due to scare mongering!
Personally Im of the opinion that IF UFOs DO exist then it is the governments responsibility to let us know.  Whether they ever do or not is another story.

I posted the footage to YouTube the following day, not expecting many views to be honest.  YouTube is littered with hundreds if not thousands of UFO sighting videos.
However writing this blog to date nearly 1 month after the sighting, the video has received over 125,000 views and various comments ranging from blimp to fake!
Two TV companies have shown an interest in showing the footage on their programs, one in the US and another in Japan.
I have'nt run around shouting about this, simply posting to YouTube created a hype about it, to which Im glad that people have had the opportunity to see what I saw (although the first hand eye sighting was much better than a recording any day) 
UFO sightings should be public, indeed if another being from somewhere distant ever lands and makes contact with man, Im pretty certain they wont seek out government officials to see if its OK lol.
Questions to me since posting this video and now gaining some insight into other sightings from around the world is WHY?
Why do UFOs come to our planet?
Why is it then when we make sightings and ultimately capture them on video, the footage is virtually always faded, abit out of focus, at night (mostly)? (Even the footage I caught was out of focus as the camera lens struggled to auto focus on the object in the dark)
Why do UFOs use lighting?
If UFOs ARE government projects, then why are they visible to us? Do the government want us to think we are not alone with the intentions of making us rely on their military might or a means to justifying huge budgets on defense systems?
Why would "aliens" want to show themselves, but yet never land and make contact with us?
I have a lot of questions whizzing around in my head, these are just a few.

Certainly if you are still reading this blog and thinking about UFOs and whether we are the only existence in this universe, then maybe watching this YouTube documentary posted by UFO TV Studios will give you some insight into UFOs, sightings and government involvement at 

Out of the Blue (UFO Documentary by UFOTVstudios)

I started to watch this last night, in fact it was about 2am and really should have been going to bed, but caught a glimpse of this, and began watching thinking it would be lame.
How wrong could I be......after 5 minutes of watching I couldnt stop, in fact the video documentary lasts for 1 hour and 47 minutes! I watched every bit of it and realised that certainly when it comes to government agencies, there is a lot of information we are being denied.
Many, many credible stories are told in this eye opening documentary, and even if you are the most die hard skeptic out there, this may well change your views on UFOs.

I never really looked up into the sky before, or thought about UFOs or aliens.  Yes Im probably like other people in thinking about, are we the only ones in this universe, but never really delved into the subject, due to its expansive nature.
I normally leave "space ships" and stars and time travel and oddities of the worlds to Sci Fi producers, such as Spielberg or Mr Lucas!
Yes I love StarWars and many other Sci Fi movies, but as for thinking about "visitors"......never really gave it much thought until I witnessed the sighting I recorded.
It has made me more aware and now I look up into the skys, day or night, waiting for another sighting.
It has also left a large burning question on my mind, which no one on this planet could ever answer.....................When will we learn that we are not the only ones?

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope its ok for my first blog and I appreciate any questions or comments you have.

Thanks again.

Emygee1972 (aka Martyn Griffiths)

UFO caught on camera (uploaded on 6th February 2012)

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